How to choose a bicycle trailer for children, what you need to know

The number of cyclists in our country is increasing every year. This is due to the desire to improve your body and not harm the environment.

Owners of bicycles living in megacities or small towns increasingly began to prefer long walks outside the boundaries of their settlements. After all, such trips in an environmentally friendly form of transport, combined with outdoor recreation, away from city streets saturated with exhaust gases, contribute to improving health and improving mood.

Organizing a family bike trip, parents with young children will have to decide on the method of transporting the child. After all, the overall outcome of the whole event depends on how comfortable and safe the smallest member of the family will feel while cycling together.

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Today, the market offers a fairly large selection of additional bicycle accessories to organize the transportation of children. We will focus on one of the safest ways to transport a small child during a bike ride - this is a bicycle trailer or the so-called cycle trailer.

Specialized stores offer many models of bikes, as well as various accessories in stores. Accessories are additional gadgets, without which it can be difficult to do on a trip. Trailers for transporting children are gaining popularity. Such accessories are used for transporting children in the city and for long trips. They safely and conveniently carry children over long distances. The stores feature safe and comfortable models. They are easy to manage, they are equipped with special seat belts, so nothing threatens the safety of the child.

Kids bike trailer

A bicycle trailer for transporting children is a special device that is used to expand the capabilities of the bike. This trailer is designed to transport one or more children. This is a decent alternative to a bicycle seat.

Trailers are of two types:

- Trailer. This is a full trailer. Thanks to seat belts and a rigid frame, the child is completely safe.

- Tandem trailer. Designed for older children. A tandem semitrailer is a bike that does not have a wheel. A tandem trailer may be for one or more children.

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What is the difference between trailers?

- Trunk. Some models are equipped with a boot. As a rule, the trunk is located behind the trailer.

- The stores feature trailers for one or more children.

- Bottom. Budget models have a soft bottom, and more expensive trailers are equipped with a hard bottom.

- There are open and closed trailers. Closed models provide greater security.

Bicycle trailers are a cab. As a rule, 16 or 20-inch wheels are installed. The maximum load on a bicycle trailer for transporting children is 45 kg.

Optimal age of the child

The optimal age for children to transport in a trailer is from 1 year to 5-6 years. The bike trailer is a small camper with a sturdy frame, padded seat, sidewalls, and large viewing windows. The trailer is also equipped with seat belts. The maximum load that this device can withstand is 50 kg, so even two children can be transported in it.

The bike trailer, as a rule, has a fairly low landing. It is attached to the driving bike in such a way that the child travels far behind the rear wheel of the bicycle, so the risk that the children's fingers reach the knitting needles is completely eliminated. The device connecting the trailer to the bicycle must necessarily have a flexible joint, due to which the trailer remains in an upright position when the bicycle falls. 

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Children's bike trailers are made of strong and at the same time lightweight aluminum alloys.

It is important to remember that the trailer for transporting children must be equipped with reflectors and a high, bright warning flag to increase visibility to other road users.

Today, the market offers a variety of models of trailers for transporting children on a bicycle. Often, cycle trailers can also be used as a stroller, a stroller for running, a transport trailer. Ski kits can be included, allowing you to use the trailer as a sled in winter.

Basic safety features:

- Harnesses. All models are equipped with high-quality and reliable five-point seat belts. Five-point seat belts reliably fix the child in a chair. Five-point belts with tension evenly distribute the entire load.

- Sunblind. This curtain protects against sunlight.

- Special protection against rain and snow.

- Some models are equipped with a mosquito net.

Tips for choosing

1. When choosing, pay attention to shock absorbers. Shock absorbers must be of high quality and reliable.

2. Give preference to models that have special leg clips.

3. Do not buy a trailer without seat belts.

4. The back of the chair should be above the head of the child.

5. Pay attention to side protection.

6. Models made of plastic are of poor quality.

All the advantages and disadvantages of a children's bike trailer

First, consider the benefits:

- reduced overall load on the wheels;

- bicycle trailer provides a high level of safety;

- the trunk can be used to store different things;

- good weather protection (rain, wind, etc.);

- the presence of different pockets and compartments for toys and other things for the child;

- high-quality and reliable shock absorbers; comfortable seats.

The main disadvantage:

- the main disadvantage is the high cost (you must pay for any security);

- fairly low cross;

- poor maneuverability;

- during storage takes up a lot of space.

A detailed review of children's trailers read in our next review. We will try to examine in detail the best models on the market.

And that’s all, friends. We really hope that our review helped you make the right choice and now you know exactly what you need and why. Have a good trip with your family.

Jimmy Rai is a life long adventurer and a long distance hiker. He can often be found in the expanses of Alaska, the Caucasus, North Korea and near the Alps. Rai writes about his experiences with gear he used at one point or another.

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