TOP 5 The Best Garden Hoses 2020

Not many of us know that garden hoses differ not only in color, length or material. Although they are called garden ones, they can be designed not only for irrigation, and many even have nothing to do with the garden at all. We will try to disassemble in more detail such hoses as: for connecting to a source of drinking water, washing vehicles, cleaning, watering the lawn, watering mounted seeders and even washing cattle. Whatever you buy, it’s not clear that we tried to make it easier for you when buying the hose you need and in this review some of the best for any type of use are provided. Are you ready? Then let's go. 

What you need to know about garden hoses
You have probably already come across garden hoses and you certainly know how inconvenient and bulky they are. They are always difficult to layout, they are heavy and wriggle in every way when the water is turned on. Every year more and more hoses appear as light and resistant to excesses as possible.

A bit about weight
There are two very simple ways to minimize the weight of the garden hose. The first way is to make the hose from a more easily material, reduce the wall thickness, or simply reduce the diameter. By reducing the diameter of the hose, it will weigh less, due to the fact that it holds less water.

About Materials
In most cases, the material used in the manufacture of hoses is rubber, vinyl, or polyurethane. Rubber is usually more flexible, but also the heaviest. Polyurethane is lighter and more resistant to bending, has a small memory, and will lie smoother when used in the sun. For inexpensive hoses, I use vinyl, heavier than polyurethane, prone to kinks, and have a memory.

Kinks and kinks
All hoses will have kinks and kinks, well, almost everything. Whatever happens
We recommend using hose reels. With their help, it is very convenient to store and use a hose. So think about it.

Drinking water
Often hoses are used to set children's pools, to quench the thirst of animals, in which case you need to pick up a hose approved by the NSF (National Sanitation Foundation). Hoses without such approval can adversely affect human or animal health. These hoses can release lead, BPA, and other harmful substances into the water when it passes through them.

Well, you already know enough about hoses, we can now proceed directly to the choice.
We carefully studied the entire market and, in our opinion, selected the most worthy options.

1. The Perfect Garden Hose


Tuff-Guard The Perfect Garden Hose


The Perfect Garden Hose

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Inside the diam. : 5⁄8 in | Length: 50 ft | Material: Thermoplastic elastomer
Weight: 6.8 lb | Flow rate: 538 gph | Burst Strength: 300 psi

Easy. It’s almost impossible to break. But dear.

At first glance, The Perfect Garden Hose does not look so convincing, but after using it, the opinion about it changes dramatically. He is able to surprise. It is light, hard enough and it is almost impossible to bend, and we tried, believe me. Its original design includes a TPE thermoplastic elastomer spiral-wrapped around the outside of the hose. This material prevents hose breakage during bending and folding. Also, thanks to this material, the hose turned out to be quite light. The hose comes with high-quality brass fittings that withstand severe loads. The Perfect Garden Hose has a flow rate of approximately 500 gallons of water per minute and is perfect for those who need to move a small amount of water.

2. FlexZilla SwivelGrip

SwivelGrip Hoses

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Inside the diam. : 5⁄8 in | Length: 50 ft | Material: Hybrid Polymer
Weight: 7.3 lb | Flow rate: 538 gph | Burst Strength: n/a

Bright noticeable color. It does not give in to excesses. But the plastic handle quickly overwrites.

Technologists from FlexZilla did not begin to strengthen their hoses, they tried to solve the problem of bends. And they succeeded. SwivelGrip, thanks to its handles in which the hose is rolled, now unwinds in a matter of seconds without creases. Screwing on fittings thanks to handles is now very easy. The fittings are made of aluminum and will last you more than one year, but the plastic handles are erased when dragged on asphalt. This is an excellent hose that allows you to get rid of all those problems that we are usually accustomed to encountering: excesses, twisting, tears, and so on. One of its important advantages is that it can be used for drinking water.

3. GrowGreen Expandable Hose


Expandable Hose

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Inside the diam. : Variable | Length: 50 ft | Material: Latex, polyester
Weight: 2.2 lb | Flow rate: 267.7 gph | Burst Strength: n/a

Lightweight and most compact. Brass Couplings. But the material can easily be washed on asphalt.

GrowGreen hose is a great novelty in the hose market. But we noticed when using several nuances. Its shell is subject to abrasion when dragging, so it is not suitable for washing cars on the road. It is mostly designed for watering lawns. Included with it is a spray nozzle with eight modes, this is a good bonus. 

4. Water Right 400 Series


400 Series

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Inside the diam. : 7⁄16 in | Length: 50 ft | Material: Polyurethane
Weight: 3.4 lb | Flow rate: 244.6 gph | Burst Strength: n/a

Easy to use. Safe for drinking water. But a low flow rate.

The 400 Right Series Water Right hose is lightweight polyurethane. Polyurethane allows it to be flexible enough and prevents looping. Since the diameter, in comparison with other hoses, is smaller, then the flow rate of water in it is less. This hose is ideal for watering places where you need to turn the hose over and, in principle, for anything. We can say that this is a universal hose. It is also suitable for drinking water.

5. Gilmour Flexogen Pro


Flexogen Pro

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Inside the diam. : 5⁄8 in | Length: 50 ft | Material: n/a
Weight: 9 lb | Flow rate: 538 gph | Burst Strength: 650 psi

High impact steel couplings. High flow rate. But quite heavy.

Gilmour Flexogen Pro Hose is designed for use in extreme conditions. Very good bending resistance. It has a coil spring clutch at the end of the hose to provide protection against twisting. Thanks to its advanced casing, it has a tensile strength and durability when used on work sites. Large steel couplings provide additional crush strength and can withstand a truck weighing about 4,500 pounds. High flow rate compared to previous hoses, over 530 gallons per hour. Perfect for construction sites, car repair shops, also suitable for home use.

We hope that our detailed review of the best options, in our opinion, will help you make your choice and you will not regret it.

Jimmy Rai is a life long adventurer and a long distance hiker. He can often be found in the expanses of Alaska, the Caucasus, North Korea and near the Alps. Rai writes about his experiences with gear he used at one point or another.

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  • And you do not know if the garden hose is broken, what would it be to connect there are special couplings or connecting rings?

  • With hoses, everything is clear, but it’s not clear with the nozzles for watering, can you also tell about them in detail so that there would be no questions left?

  • Interesting. And I just bought the first hose that I liked. But it turns out there are so many types and nuances. Now I will take it as intended.


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